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The original concept behind our patriotic red, white, and blue "Texas theme" label was to create a unique "shelf appeal" utilizing a distinguishing logo that identifies the product as an all-Texas product. Texas pride and pride in Texas are legendary. The history and high quality of our source (detailed on our label) adds to our point of purchase appeal.

Our source originates deep underground from a pure, natural aquifer in Central Texas. It is brought through an orifice without any surface or atmospheric exposure; it is never chlorinated.

Texas Crystal provides seven barriers of purified protection, absolute quality, and safety. Judge for yourself the clarity, the quality, and enhanced taste from minerals..

The Texas Crystal label touts Texas roots including the logo of the Texas Department of Agriculture's "Go Texan" program. Our label also promotes the Texas Department of Transportation's "Don't Mess with Texas" anti-litter and Recycling campaign.

Since our label was initially developed in 1995, we have worked hard to carefully position our brand in many highly competitive venues, including grocery and convenience stores, theatres and convention centers, bars and restaurants, news and gift, fitness and vending markets.

Custom label packaging is available with certain minimum quantities and requirements.

After flying on business trips all week to different States when I fly back to Texas into a city that has the presence of your bottled water in a clear glass upright cooler at the airport the colors on the label and design makes a Texan proud of this great State, when traveling with a friend not from Texas her comment was, well I have no doubt what State I am in when the airport food courts have the presence of that great label shinning through.

I want to thank you for owning a water company with an award winning label, it is a great thing to see at the airport when traveling, makes you think of Texas great heritage, and it reminds me " I am glad to be a Texan".

Your Friend,
Margaret Tindel
Galveston, Texas


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