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The Process

Texas Crystal has exceptional shelf appeal and is the only bottled water label which promotes Texas pride and pride in Texas utilizing a patriotic theme and high impact graphics. 

  • Charcoal Media filtration

  • Softeners: Flocon used to soften water before purification

  • 1st pass through Reverse Osmosis 18 membrane

  • 2nd pass through Reverse Osmosis 18 membrane

  • Charcoal Media Tank.  Coconut carbon used to enhance taste

Finish Filters:

  • 5 micon contact filters

  • 1 micron contact filters for final filtration stage

  • Ozone Injector: Injects ozone for the final disinfection process


.5 liter bottle is 15.3 gram bottle with 26.7mm cap

Moved to this gram weight for purpose of reducing carbon footprint.


We are actively involved with US Federal government in disaster preparedness and have supplied for many well know disasters including Hurricane IKE, and Flint water crisis.