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The Source

Throughout history, mankind has always needed a source of pure water. Since 1995, Texas Crystal has provided some of the finest source waters available in Texas. We will continue to do so. 

Texas Crystal is captured deep underground from a protected aquifer in Central Texas. Captured underground to prevent any possible surface or atmospheric contamination. Texas Crystal provides purified protection, absolute quality, and safety. Judge for yourself the clarity, the quality, and enhanced taste from minerals.


Benefits of Texas Crystal Premium Purified Water

  • Purification process provides seven barriers of protection against parasites such as cryptosporiduim, giardia and their cysts

  • Provides barriers against harmful bacteria such as pseudomonas and coliform

  • Removes environmental contaminates such as petroleum, solvents and heavy metals

  • Texas Crystal's taste is enhanced by the addition of minerals and adjustment of PH

  • Kosher

Texas Crystal Water is a red, white, blue and green company and is a strong supporter of the community through extensive charitable, civic, and church involvement. Texas Crystal is a member of the "Go Texan" and "Don't Mess With Texas" programs.